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Aune X1 Dac

6 890 THB each

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Performance Specifications



Material and special design
:Using special aluminum chassis structure
:New X shape appearance design with high-grade abrasive blasting surface
:Laser carved panels,more refined and more wear-resistant

X1 DAC can be use as
:High quality PC USB Soundcard
:High quality USB DAC
:High quality headphone amp
:High quality pre-amp

Operator Interface
:two-color LED indicator display the current working status, it is easy for night operation
:Concave button design,fit your fingers more comfortable
:Thread volume knob design, Comfort and convenience

Technology Design
:Modular functional design, full expansion interface equipped
:X1 can be used as a USB soundcard,USB DAC,headphone Amplifier,power amplifier or pre-amp
:USB universal interface, combined used with most computers,plug and play,restore the most real music for you
:Connect with other audio devices through the SODIF digital coaxial and RCA connectors,X1 Can be used as
a headphone Amplifier,power amplifier or pre-amp. Optical digital interface, in support of other audio devices used in combination
:all new DAC decoder chip used, support 24bit/192k digital audio decoding

Main Functions
-24BIT/192K High Resolution:Capable of decoding 24bit/192K digital signal
-HIFI Quality Sound:Designed for HIFI quality sound reproduction
-Multifunction:Multifunctional used with PC audio,home audio,and room stereo

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